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Article Submit By: P. Singh

Mobile Number: *****89992

Article Submitted:

Everything about Prewedding photography

A wedding is a very special occasion for every couple & they want to capture their special moments forever. Wedding & engagement photography is in fashion since this art took birth. But prewedding photography is a new trend. If you have planned your wedding in the coming months, then here’s everything about prewedding photo shoot.

What is prewedding photography?

Prewedding photo shoot is a new trend creating a buzz in Asia. On the wedding day, couples are busy with a hectic ceremony. Moreover, all the pictures taken at the wedding ceremony are with friends and family. But prewedding photography allows them to get personalized images as they desire.

Why do you need a prewedding photoshoot?

There are many reasons to get a prewedding photoshoot lets to have a look at them:

Personalized Pictures:
You can get many images in your wedding dress and different attires. You get to choose your settings, and poses as well, which is not possible on a wedding day.

Photographer’s Skills
It is an excellent chance to learn about your photographer’s skills and experience him in action. You can always change a decision to hire him, if you are uncomfortable with him.

Understand your photographer
It helps you all become comfortable with each other, and you’ll get better pictures.

Brings confidence
You can learn to work with the lights & camera to get better pictures with confidence on your big day.


Here are a few tips to make your prewedding photography perfect:

• Conduct your prewedding shoot at-least two months before the wedding. It will get you a chance to look for a new photographer in case you
don’t like the results.
• Take an off for your photoshoot & don’t try to fit it between your lunch break.
• Make sure to pre-decide the location, costumes & accessories before the shoot.

Pro Focus is one of the best wedding photography Service Provider in North India. If you are looking for an exclusive wedding/pre photographer in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida or Delhi NCR then mail us at or call us at 919555333999.

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Article Submit By: K. Maggo

Mobile Number: *****25708

Article Submitted:

Best wedding photography in Delhi

Are you looking for the best way to make your special day more special? Are you living in Delhi and your wedding day is about to come? Then here is the best option for you. Wedding is the occasion where two souls meet each other for the rest of their life. Capturing these moments in a Camera is an awesome way to make memories but What if you get the best wedding photography for this? Here is the Best wedding photographer in Delhi. We hope you will like the work of the best photographer in Delhi.

Best Photographer in Delhi for Weddings:

He is a photographer who is working from decades and providing his high-quality work to the customers in a very effective way. His team is the best team of photographers in Delhi. The tools they are using are optimum hence making them the most preferred and the best wedding photography option in Delhi.

Their Starting price is – 1, 00,000 INR

1. The Ultimate – Candid Pics:
The team is passionate about their work. They are working well for many years. You can give a call to them to get a highlight and extra cinematography effect to your wedding shoot.

2. Explore Photography:
Do you want to capture your hidden moments at your wedding in a camera? If you are a big photograph lover then here’s the best option for you. You can contact them in Delhi who offers the best work with quality.

Got the best option?

We have mentioned the Best wedding photography option in Delhi for a grand wedding. They will help you to secure your lovely moments in a camera with the best quality. Contact the best photographer as per your budget and the requirements. We would wait for your comments in the comment box and would love to know your feedback.

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Article Submit By: M. Ch*****ni Was

Mobile Number: *****02895

Article Submitted:

Already sent you

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Article Submit By: M. Mathi

Mobile Number: *****85027

Article Submitted:

Weddings are not just the climactic points of people’s commitment;it is the end result of a lot of preparation and planning. Inspite of the best plans, things might go wrong at any type of scenario. Fortunately, when people hire a professional wedding photographer in Delhi, they can be at peace that there is someone experienced enough to capture the memorable moments in an elegant manner. These moments can be enjoyed by people for years to come. None other than a expert wedding photographer in Delhi would know that wedding ceremonies can cause disorder. Meanwhile, wedding photojournalists are the ones that can handle such situations in the best possible way. For one thing, wedding photographers have been at several other weddings before yours. These photographers aren’t frightened overwhelming task in a noisy surrounding like weddings. They just know how to get started to capture the unique moments of weddings. As a matter of fact, a noisy and crowded atmosphere might improve the photographers’ to take a great photo or more.
An experienced wedding photographer in Delhi would know how to be calm during weddings. Wedding ceremonies tend to create anxiety, so it is always a great idea to have an experienced photographer who can keep calm while providing support. It is a fact that the presence of a renowned wedding photojournalist helps the couple to keep from worrying about photographer as well as photographs. Moreover, by remaining calm, the wedding photographer keeps from adding more to the chaotic surrounding. He or she simple documents what has to be captured, while drawing little to attention to the wedding couple. Wedding photographers would tell your wedding day in such a way that you will enjoy it forever. So, if you are or someone in your family is getting married, then you can simply take the help of a professional wedding photographer in Delhi.

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Article Submit By: CA K. P***kh

Mobile Number: *****70773

Article Submitted:

India had been always considered as a third world. However the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) put in great efforts to make its impact in the world in the field of space research. The launch of Chandrayaan 1 and Chandrayaan 2 has just made the world realize the capabilities of India.
Here are some of the facts of Chandrayaan 2 which you all would be unaware of.

The Beginning-
People believe that the planning of Chandrayaan 2 was done after the launch of Chandrayaan 1, but that wasn’t the case. Chandrayaan -1 was launched on 22nd October 2008, however the planning for the same started in the year 2007 itself.
On 12th November 2007, some researchers from Russian Federal Space Agencies (Roscosmos) signed an agreement with ISRO wherein ISRO would have the primary responsibility of orbiter (type of aircraft) and rover (a rover is a space exploration vehicle designed to move across the surface of a planet or other celestial body) and Roscosmos would be responsible for lander (a lander is a spacecraft which descends toward and comes to rest on the surface of an astronomical body, in this case moon). ISRO completed its responsibilities as per schedule, however there was delay from Roscosmos to provide the lander. Forecasting a delay from Roscosmos even later than 2016, India decided to develop a lander itself with the help of talented scientists it had. It was finally decided to launch Chandrayaan 2 during the first half of 2019. However the lander’s legs got damaged during testing in February 2019. After which India finally created history by launching it in the space.

Chandrayaan 2 is aimed to have a smooth landing on the surface of the moon and would operate a robotic rover on the surface. The entire operation will include the following –
1. Terrain Mapping Camera 2 (TMC-2) will map the lunar surface in three dimensions using two on-board cameras.
2. Large Array Soft X-ray Spectrometer will map the abundance of minerals on the surface
3. Solar X-ray Monitor (XSM) will look at emissions of solar X-rays.

4. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), which will map the surface in radio waves. Some of its design is based on Chandrayaan-1’s MiniSAR.

5. Imaging Infra-Red Spectrometer (IIRS) will measure the abundance of water or water elements on the lunar surface.

6. Orbiter High Resolution Camera (OHRC) to examine the surface, particularly the landing site of the lander and rover.

7. Lander has an instrument that will measure the possibility of Moonquakes on the lunar surface.

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Article Submit By: A. Dhanurkar

Mobile Number: *****31996

Article Submitted:

Every human is creative enough to attract eye balls, given the art work they chose to explore. Similarly, handling camera is one of the creative yet toughest jobs that one may come across. Clicking one’s happy moment to let them store into their vault of memories is an achievement itself. However, there are a numerous photographers, out of which selecting one who has creativity fused with a convinient budget is something that people struggle with. Altogether, this blog shall help you up in chosing right photographer for one of your lifetime events. Delve into the blog to find the right photographers who could fit your demands.

Delhi is one destination that is the capital of events, and most importantly a destination filled with numerous luxurious and historical attractions. However, one may not have a second thought to orchestrate a marriage event in Delhi. Now, when it comes to marriage there are tons of work that a family has to go through, out of which finding a right photographer who can snap your instant smile is something that one struggles to find. Although, one must take care of budget, too, along with the quality work. Well, there are several wedding photographer in Delhi region, one of which is Pro Focus. Being equipped with a team that deals with regular quality work with a convinient budget, Pro Focus is one of the favorites among event organisers.
Although, going along with the trend, the Pro Focus team has not just enhanced its quality, but has also developed various styles of photography.
Who would have thought that one day even Candid photograhy could come into play and hence we are equipped with a specific and best candid photographer in our team, who specifically deals with just candid photography.
People not only consider traditional photography, but also have their demands set for pre-wedding and wedding. And just to add more value to their demands, our team of photographers keep multiplyings options and destinations to have a best shoot. Isn’t that one stop for all?

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Article Submit By: M. Rana

Mobile Number: *****97819

Article Submitted:

Are these qualities there at your wedding photographer?
A wedding is the most significant event for every couple! It must stay preserved in a whole array of photographs. These photographs eminently showcase the unforgettable moments that are worthy of being remembered forever! Wedding photography is a perfect fusion of varied distinct photographic genres. These can be portraiture, group photography, close-up images, and other relatable shots! All you need is a perfect capture.
For attaining some satisfactory clicks swaying your heart away, you shall have to rely on a wedding photographer in Delhi. They are undoubtedly prolific in providing the best photographs and beautifying them in every sense.
Are you intending to get a wedding photographer for your wedding? If yes, then you would have to ensure the prevalence of some qualities in him too. We have mentioned them below. Have a glance:
1. He must be accompanied by the utmost love as well as a passion for his work. The photographer must hail with the ability to give you prolific photographs. This profession demands a good number of skills and thus, you must ensure that he has these in him.
2. Your wedding photographer must not be the one who is just focused on the outer details. He shall have to care even about the minor details during your event. These smaller details can transform into memory if captured beautifully!
3. Creativity is undoubtedly a must in every wedding photographer. A photographer is an artist and creativity should be his soul! It is going to act as great assistance in getting you the desirable pictures as well as videos.
4. If the wedding photographer of your choice is tech-savvy, it is no less than a cherry on the cake. He must possess a notable knowledge about the latest equipment, software as well as tools associated with photography.
The aforementioned qualities of a wedding photographer are a must! If you are looking out for a wedding photographer in Delhi, just ensure that they have got these skills. If yes, then you are good to go!

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ID: 8

Article Submit By: F. T. Eshita

Mobile Number: +88****708**83

Article Submitted:

1. Post wedding photography
2. Best wedding video shoot

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ID: 9

Article Submit By: Ma**an

Mobile Number: *****85027

Article Submitted:

When it comes to wedding photographer in Delhi, we are definitely on of the first one to come in to people’s mind. We are team of professionally experienced wedding photographers out there on the market. We have expertise in destination weddings amongst others. With a good experience of covering numerous weddings in the nation’s capital, we ensure people cherish the moment we capture at their weddings. Our job is enjoying the best moments in people’s lives. Being a reputed wedding photographer in Delhi, we learn photography, while it teaches us everyday. We, a style-savvy photography studio focus on a style-centric and fashionable approach to wedding photography. We firmly believe that wedding ceremonies are extremely personal; no two weddings or couples would be alike. So, we strive hard to give couples the best through our professional photography.
Being a reputable wedding photographer in Delhi, our expert team provides our customers with dynamic imagery; one that is filled with their idea of the special day. We make sure that our customers have their wedding photography covered just the way they can only imagine. We a well-known wedding photographer in Delhi who have a great deal on knowledge in concepts like artistic theory, design, color, composition, balance, and lighting. Furthermore, we deploy the state-of-the-art lighting solutions and equipment to capture your exciting moments in a more exciting way.
We endaevour to achieve compositional and technical perfect throughout the photography session. As an established wedding photographer in Delhi, we implement the highest benchmark when it comes to quality. Apart from offering superior photography experiences to our clients, we keep innovating our techniques to provide the best-in-class services to them. With a huge technical knowledge, latest equipment and a great attention to details, we make wedding ceremonies a lot more eventful than what our clients had imagined.

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ID: 10

Article Submit By: Sha**een

Mobile Number: *****33342

Article Submitted:

Your wedding days are undoubtedly the most important and memorable days of your life. It’s the day when you start a new journey of your life with the person you love. Your families come together and celebrate this day with full immense and joy and shower their blessings on you. Wedding photography has nurtured a new love for experiencing new cultures. It could be a bride lost in her dreams, dad’s wet eyes hiding the emotions for her daughter or groom’s sister-in-law performing the traditions. A bride feels like a princess on her wedding day, full of mixed emotions so she needs to get captured at every moment.
We at Pro-Focus India understand the importance of your wedding day and your emotions attached to it. Your every single moment of your wedding should be captured perfectly by a photographer and his magic weapon. We aim to capture the best moments without having lost their originality.
What we do?
• Cinematic wedding films
• Destination wedding
• Pre-wedding Photography
• Wedding Photography
• Candid Photography
• Baby Shoots
• Product Photography
Pro Focus India has the best wedding photographer in Delhi for your wedding day to make it memorable so that you can cherish it later. Based in Delhi, NCR, Pro Focus India, we have the best wedding photographer in Delhi to capture those beautiful moments of your precious day. We would be glad to be part of your beautiful journey and present you with memorable photographs to cherish those lovely moments again.
With over 50 years of experience in this field, we have served our clients happy. Capturing your precious moments is what makes us happy. Over the years our clients have immense trust in us for their wedding functions and other events and in the field of photography, we have grown just because of the love of our clients.

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ID: 11

Article Submit By: R. Kumari

Mobile Number: *****37412

Article Submitted:

Wedding is one of the utmost significant occasions in a person’s life. Everybody would want to capture as various beautiful frames on that special day so that it can be observed with great joy at an advanced point of time. The photographs are as well passed around to close friends and relatives who couldn’t make it to the occasion due to one or the other reasons. Now, selecting a wedding photographer in Delhi can be a tough task due to the huge options before you today. Due to the popularity of digital cameras, you may come across at least one photographer when you walk across the streets. You will also see many sign boards that show the wedding photographer tagline on each nook and corner of the city. Browsing through the web will also leave you in a lot of confusion due to the numerous options existing today. Though you wouldn’t want to negotiation on the quality of photographs clicked on the most important day of your life. Here are definite points that would make your search procedure easy.

Different photographers charge you dissimilar amounts. You should outline a budget before starting off with the search process for a wedding photographer in the city. You may find sufficiently budget photographers who will do the job gracefully and with great excellence. Visit few of the most prevalent photographers to appreciate an expected amount that they will charge for the occasion. The charges will be built on the type of function you are planning to host and as well the general duration. Once you get the rates from different people, you will be capable to make a smaller list of experts to select from.

Past works of the photographer
While you discover out the charges by rare of the most conspicuous wedding photographers in the city, you should now look at their previous works. You can say them your demand and they will show few of the snaps that they had captured in previous similar occasions. Wedding photographers in Delhi will have covered weddings through the country if they have a good standing. You will be able to take a look at the pictures and find out the level of skills they own. A fast list of significant points is given below that may be of great help to you.
• Check for photographers who have great imagination
• Look at the adaptability of the photographer
• Backup options will as well be good
• Photos captured from different angles would be a great plus

You would need the best wedding photographer in Delhi to click those snaps to record the moments when you get fastened. After determining on a budget and discovery out a good photographer who has done some attractive projects positively in the past do not hesitate to pay an amount as advance if you want him or her to do the job for you. If you try to book the photographer by insertion a phone call or by sending an email, you may have to remorse on your significant day. Hence plan things and take essential actions to capture each and every moment on the lovely day in a beautiful manner.

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ID: 12

Article Submit By: K. Daryani

Mobile Number: *****21684

Article Submitted:

Getting Married this year So Go for a Professional Photographer

A wedding Photographer recounts to your romantic tale again and again. So don’t let anyone take pictures at your most important day of your life. These pictures are going to stay with you till your last breath and your generation going to come can only see these memories of yours. There are many professional wedding photographers in Delhi.

Why Go With the Best Wedding Photographer?
Enlisting an expert wedding picture taker may be the best choice you’ll never lament having on your exceptional day. When scanning for the ideal Photographer, take as much time as is needed in your examination and remember of what you imagine your photographs to resemble. Request look books or portfolios and get your Photographer associated with the arranging also. There are many reasons why you should be an expert Photographer at your wedding. However, few will get you ready. Proficient picture takers are significant to everything about. Not exclusively will they be there for each shot, however, they’ll generally ensure everything continually admiring standard. It resembles having an own right hand. Since they need to ensure each photograph looks astonishing, they’ll fix your hair, your dress, and tuxedo, enrichments, and so forth to ensure each casing is faultless.
In addition to the fact that you are paying for a Photographer’s time and responsibility, however, in particular, you’re putting resources into their propelled quality camera hardware, tender loving care, and their ideal eye for lighting, presenting detail, and the perfect edge. Wedding picture takers are always 10 seconds in front of the occasion to guarantee the brilliant shots are taken flawlessly. All things being equal, photographs are all you’re left with concerning recollections.

Final Words:
To a great many people, weddings are the most important day of their lives, and pictures are what catches the most cherished minutes. Offer quality photographs printed or via web-based networking media with your loved ones just as your grandkids and extraordinary grandkids to endure forever. Rest guaranteed that your treasured photos are securely sponsored up and prepared for some enchantment altering.

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ID: 13

Article Submit By: S***pa**a Mukherjee

Mobile Number: *****14017

Article Submitted:

Choose the best photographer with our help
Marriages are made in heaven, they say. Known to be one of the most special occasions in everybody’s life, a wedding event marks not just the union of two souls but also taking many vows and making many promises. A wedding is not just about dressing up beautifully and posing in front of the camera. It is also about every member of the families coming together. It is about umpteen number of rituals, which are believed to sanctify the bond between two souls.
For such a colourful event, there will be an innate desire to capture all the beautiful moments. Every emotion and every ritual has a special meaning. They are meant to be cherished forever. Though the time-lapse between the events cannot be captured, the moments can be captured with great élan. Here comes the need for good photography service.
When you are about to get married, you want to hire the best wedding photography service provider. You want your wedding photographer to capture everything that makes your day special, be it the little haldi on your face, or the freaky dance movements of your best friend. You have to select the best wedding photographer.
Keeping some of the following tips in mind will help you to hire the best wedding photographer in Delhi.
• A good wedding photographer does not only capture pictures but also understands the emotions behind them.
• A photographer should also understand that he should make the day smooth for you and not just wait for instructions.
• The photographer with that special ability will understand the perfect cue for every special moment and not just wait for the normal clicks.
We at Pro Focus, suit your exact requirements. We understand that every marriage is special and capture moments which go beyond every communication. Put your trust on us to frame some of the best moments of your lives which will tell you a story, even decades later.

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ID: 14

Article Submit By: S****n Tabasum

Mobile Number: *****13423

Article Submitted:

The best wedding photographer in Delhi
Wedding is the most special moment for everyone, for making it fabulous and memorable moments, everyone needs the best photographer for their wedding. Here is the best wedding photographer in Delhi. They are not just having a high-quality camera and skills but they also have the experience to capture the beautiful moments. It is important to hire a wedding photographer in Delhi to cover the event.
It is just through those professional wedding albums so that the wedding day remains alive for years to come. A wedding photographer is an important part of wedding planning which you can’t neglect at any cost. having some great wedding pictures is a successful marriage.
You people can get only a beautiful picture if you appoint only a top wedding photographer in Delhi. It covers the various wedding functions and capture the beautiful moment in the camera.
the photographer has to gain popularity in these days. Nothing looks beautiful in a picture than capturing the bride and grooms as well as the guest in their natural moments. These photos are very precious as they capture those rare moments of pure national emotions in the frame.
By hiring the leading wedding photographer in Dehli, They are going to provide you the best and amazing package for the wedding and all days of wedding ceremonies, such as the Haldi ceremony, Mehendi ceremony, and sangeet ceremony. They are also using special elements on the wedding, like lights, shadow effect, and their creative ideas by the top wedding photographers in Dehli. They are not only capturing photos but they also capture the videos of wedding ceremonies, they make the best photo albums and video by using the special elements and expensive edits. which makes the wedding a very special and unforgettable wedding. They are also offering two photo frames of bride & groom & family photo for making their wedding memorable it is only offered by wedding photographers in Dehli.

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ID: 15

Article Submit By: A** Tahir

Mobile Number: +92***48***60

Article Submitted:

The wedding is the most crucial phase of your life. It is the start of a new incredible journey where you commit to yourself that you are going to enjoy every bit and piece of this journey with pure love and dedication.
When it is about the wedding, the bride and groom rejoice every single moment and plan things ahead of time. And when it comes to finding a wedding photographer in Delhi, this is not an easy task at all.
Only an experienced wedding photographer in Delhi knows how to capture the moment to make infinite. He knows the emotions and sentiments attached to the event and tries to fetch the same in photography.
A wedding photographer in Delhi keeps in mind that a wedding is not a celebration that will last for a few days. It is a memory of a lifetime, so it has to be captured in a way that will make it unforgettable.
To make the event memorable, the wedding photographer in Delhi exhibits through his work that this day is not just the union of two people, but the union of two families who are destined to be together for the rest of them lives.
For a wedding photographer in Delhi, photography is not just a profession. It’s a medium to become a part of those families by working with determination, creativity, teamwork and originality.

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ID: 16

Article Submit By: A****ha Dalmia

Mobile Number: *****08681

Article Submitted:

Pre-wedding photography with candidness is the hip trend today. Who doesn’t want to make good memories during the courtship period? Pre wedding photographer can create a filmy yet the most romantic moment for you. Both of you come quiet close to each other during this photo shoot and it’s going to be the most unique experience as it is just both of you and the camera. It definitely makes you more camera friendly but also sparks your love which is already in the air. Pre wedding photographers understand the bond between you and act accordingly. Apart from innovative shots, a best candid photographer can click your random moments which you will absolutely love.

With pre wedding photography, romantic moments from movies are no longer virtual. These pre wedding photographers can do a complete set up of rain, snow and what not for you and your significant half. It is going to the best time before your wedding, just like honeymoon is after your wedding!

The best pre wedding photographer can take you into a new world of love, which you never thought existed. A pre wedding photo session comprises of formal, bubbly and candid shots and believe us, all of these moments will be a lifetime memory for both of you and you will definitely thank us later.

Another on going trend is to get a video shoot which you can play it during Sangeet or Reception for your guests. You can choose a song to get romantic with your partner. No other event can actually make you the hero and heroine of your favourite song.

With all the attention over both of you, pre wedding photography and videography will be worth the time and money you invest.

Wedding is once a lifetime event which every being looks forward to! Wedding photographers can capture some of the limelight events for you worth a thousand likes on your Facebook. With Pre wedding photography, you can show the mad love you have for each other already.

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ID: 17

Article Submit By: S***ra Porwal

Mobile Number: *****35533

Article Submitted:

This shehnai season arrived with a cool weather and really hot task that has to be completed perfectly before the special date. And the checklist starts with hiring of a cool, up to date, experienced Wedding Photographer in Delhi. The task is a bit tricky because there are many photographer available within the city. But to serve you with the best memories, you may knock our door or just give a chance to prove our work.
Our efficient and experienced photographer will mangnificiently potray your auspicious day with tons of loving memories. The result that will be represented before you will not just be an ordinary album, but will be a complete journey of two love birds married happily under the blessings of their elders.
This showpiece will prove our hard work that will fit in your budget without any hinderance. Our company’s only aim os to seizing the moment into mesmerizing photograph. In short, it’s our hard work that will always cheer you up, whenever you will turn the pages of your history!! And we will always be remembered as the best Wedding Photographer in Delhi!!

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ID: 18

Article Submit By: J S*****a Fernandes

Mobile Number: *****94696

Article Submitted:

A photography which is being captivated without fabricating a perfect posturized picture is typically being figured out as a Candid photography. Generally speaking, the actual essence of a snapshot is quite an independent one which is fully established without a person’s knowledge and the unattachment of the picture being captured and displayed in it without the consent of the persons understanding for additional operation and dispersal procedure in it. Most importantly, the major critical factor is the real unavailability of modelling indulged in it. Nonetheless, if the theme is entirely heedless of being snapped out and does not even bother of it, then similar kind of photography is configured to be a confidential photography, which is enthusiastically the major instance of candid photography. Moreover, Candid Photography is mainly specialized in various specific ways such as when the topic is in a gestured movement. Secondly, Candid Photography is taken place without any advance preparation of topics.
Persistently, Candid Photography generally needs the acquaintance of the useful light in the intervening period as the flash warns the theme to the camera and may surprise them, giving rise to the behavior and mount their photo-shoots preferably than acting correctly. And to eradicate this issue, earlier candid photo shoots were being done in the open air whereby the sun supplies sufficient brightness. Whereas, the indoor candid photo shoot needed the excess enlargement of extra delicate films along with considerable film bolt to progress the reactivity. Furthermore, through the evolution of digital cameras the process of clicking photos has been made even more convenient by connecting with the blurred highly contrast pictures. Despite that, compact digital cameras are protruding something that photographers with progressive active scope, wide-angle lenses, tempo and keenness, by permitting them to express a propounding quality of candid pictures to the fullest extent without any complications in it.

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Article Submit By: J**a Iman

Mobile Number: *****51281

Article Submitted:

Wedding Photographer in Delhi

Photography is an art that can transform a moment into a beautiful memory of lifetime. You should choose a photographer that not only is in your budget but also suits your style. Without a good photographer wedding is incomplete. So I am going to share a list of wedding photographers in Delhi.


It is delhi based wedding photographer led by Hitesh Shivnani. You can hire him for all kind of photography and videography. He’s been part of business for over years now. If you are looking for a photographer in a reasonable price then you can contact him.

Traditional photography
Candid Photography
Wedding albums
Pre-wedding photoshoot

PRICE:- 50,000 per day

Isha films has a very good reputation and they are providing wedding photographers more than 6 years in Delhi and NCR. All team members are very dedicated and experts in their work.

Wedding photography
Candid Photography
Underwater wedding photography
Lip-dub video

PRICE:- 65,000 per day

It is a photography company located in Janakpuri Delhi. It is one of the most popular studios providing the finest wedding photography for many years.

Wedding photography and videography
Pre-wedding shoots
Candid photography
Traditional photography

PRICE:- 70,000 to 2,00000 per day

It is run by the Asmeet singh and Mehak chawla. They are offering their photography services since many years in west Delhi. They are always try to create something new and exciting.

Fashion photography
Candid photography
Traditional wedding
Pre-wedding shoots

PRICE:- 50,000 per day

Albummed is the best photography company in Delhi. It is located in Greater Kailash 2. All photographers are very passionate and creative and they are willing to travel to any location to capture your memorable moments.

Traditional photography
Candid photography
Traditional videography
Album/ pen drive/ hard drive

PRICE :- 1,00000 to 6,00000 per day

It is one of the best company for sleek and sophisticated photography and cinematography solutions. They are willing to travel all over india to make your day most memorable.

Wedding photography
Candid photography
Traditional photography
Bridal photoshoot
Mehandi photography
Pre-wedding photography

PRICE:- 40,000 per day

It was started by Amit Arora almost 7 years ago. They are experts in candid and as well as traditional photography. They believe in putting a smile on the faces those they captured. Their price range is also reasonable.

Candid photoshoot
Traditional photoshoot
Wedding albums
Pre-wedding photoshoot

PRICE :- 49,000 per day

We don’t say cheese is in South Delhi and it collaborated by two passionate photographers A seem srivastava and Her Rasool. Their friendly nature comes as a huge help when facing the camera. They are very specialized in photography services.

Wedding videography
Candid photoshoot
Pre- wedding shoot
Bridal photography
Couple photoshoot.

PRICE:- 50,000 to 2,00000 per day

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These days’, weddings are all about memorable photos and special moments captured among friend, relatives and your loved ones. However, for making it a special occasion for your friends and family you will have to choose a perfect wedding photographer. Also, you might be thinking of organizing a destination wedding and therefore you would want to capture your entire journey in the album to cherish the special moments afterward. Therefore, you need to research a bit on the best photographers in your town and city before assigning the task to someone. Here are the tips that you can follow while choosing a wedding photographer:
Book early
Once you have researched enough on the available photographers, you need to book them immediately especially if it is the wedding season. Professional wedding photographers are usually booked and you might not close the deal if you ask for their services too late. Therefore, you must contact them at least 6 months before to verify whether they are available on your wedding date or not.
Avoid amateur photographers
Hiring an inexperienced photographer might be light on your budget but it might be the cause of inconvenience on the wedding day. Amateur photographers tend to click photos in dim light, shabby places and often forget to bring the couple at the center while clicking photos. Therefore, when you hire a photographer make sure that he is experienced enough to carry out the task smoothly.
Brief them
Everyone prefers a particular idea and style while clicking photos on the wedding day. Therefore, it would be better if you express your ideas to your photographer at least a couple of days before the wedding day so that he can come prepared. You can ask him to capture the emotions instead of capturing the grandeur of the place if you prefer photos that speak. Also, if you like candid images you can discuss it with your photographer in advance so that he doesn’t miss out on those special moments that go unnoticed on the wedding day.
Discuss the budget
You would want to discuss your budget with the photographer before assigning the task to him. Therefore, if any changes are to be made in the last moment you can ask them to adjust it in your budget. However, if the photographer asks you to extend the budget then it is better to oblige as it is you who changed the plan at the last moment. Also, do not try to coach or mentor a professional wedding photographer especially while he is clicking photos as photographers do not like to get dominated by someone who they hardly know.

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How to choose the best photographer for your wedding

Without a doubt, your wedding day is not an ordinary day. And if it has finally arrived you will probably be assaulted with a lot of doubts and have to prepare a thousand of things. And among them will be the choice of the photographer is a task that undoubtedly has great importance.

That’s why, of course, before hiring a Wedding Photographer in Delhi you have to weigh enough things to make sure you’re making the right choice. Series of tips and recommendations help you to choose wisely the most suitable photographer for your wedding. Here we go.

Choose your style well
The first thing is to be very clear, of how you want your wedding photos to be ; I mean, what look you want the wedding album have. In any case, we have to be clear about what we want before we start looking for the chosen Wedding Photographer in Delhi, since our tastes will help make the search easier. If you have no idea, it’s time to start seeing wedding photography trends so you can think about how you would like your photos to look.
Search with time.

The time has come to start looking for the ideal photographer, something we recommend you do well in advance . Surely you think it is not something that needs so much time, but think that certain photographers may be in high demand. This will force you to hire them well in advance, for example a year, especially if your ceremony is held on weekends and during the high wedding season (usually the months of June, July and September).

So if you are looking for a wedding photographer makes sure that you only choose the best one

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I, Kapil Sharma, a photographer from New Delhi, and a full-time babyholic, had gone ahead on my voyage of consolidating the two things which I am most energetic about, to make delightful representations of your little ones to enable you to substantiate your recollections with photos! After the most changing 3.5 years, I would now be able to state I have assembled my very own fruitful maternity and infant photography studio with more than 500 customers.

My studio Pro Focus, is situated at Netaji lane,Karol Bagh, New Delhi. Our portfolio includes: Baby Photography in Delhi, Newborn Photography in Delhi NCR, Maternity Photographer in Delhi, Pregnancy Photography, Child Photography, Kids Photography, Infants Photography in Delhi. We at Pro Focus have begun giving these services across Delhi NCR like Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram over the most recent one year. Planning to take it to new skylines by blending the correct quantum of inventiveness with all the adoration I can.

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Weddings are one of the most awaited occasions in our life. To relive and reminisce the good times with your family and friends, capture your precious moments with us at ProFocus India. We at ProFocus are one of the leading and best wedding photography service provider. Right from Mehendi to Reception we provide photography services for all the nuptials. Our Candid photographers capture your true feelings in their shots to gift you with the real experience of your D-Day through your pictures. Apart from wedding we also provide Pre Wedding Photography for the couple’s to make their courtship period more memorable. The perfectly timed shots have made us the first choice for wedding photographer in Delhi. Our team helps you to ace the photoshoots and get pictures right out from a fairytale. With quirky props and new ideas we always make our wedding shoots fun and memorable.

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Pre-wedding photography is a trend that’s setting in as a part of the next door millennial’s social definition of cool. Everyone is looking for an announcement for the big announcement and celebration which defines our generation’s culture of being grand with our achievements. With so many destinations and angles to photograph, people are widening their perspective on pre-wedding shoots. These take place as destination pre-wedding shoots or even close-door studios, say if one wants their pre-wedding photography in Delhi. It is a delight to watch couples creatively come up with ideas for what they aim to make the best pre-wedding photography. Refinements of lights, angles and wardrobes run their magic in such shoots and people are beyond glad to spend days refining these. With several locations, story plots, costumes, and consequent props, they choose the best pre-wedding photographer to make their angles work wonders.
It is not only the city bustle that’s actively participating in this new-found ritual but also the countryside settings that give a good background. New boards on age old monuments regarding instructions for pre-wedding photography prove how important it has become now a days.
This excitement doesn’t fade away for wedding photography but let’s the couple spend some free time with each other without too much pressure to crease their clothes or spoil their hairdo. Flexible with choice and type of clothing, couples choose a location appropriate clothing style. This gives them freedom to wear anything like beach shorts and shirts on a beach to kurta pyjama in maze fields, thus enabling them to choose their look/s for these tons of photographs. While wedding is a celebration of their bond for life with each other and their families, pre-wedding shoots are up and coming symbol of celebration of their bond in terms of understanding and planning for each other and themselves.

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Please reply to submit sample.

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Pre Wedding Photography: A New Tradition

Are you soon going to ring your wedding bells and pretty excited about it? Isn’t it? If you are wondering about your pre-wedding photography then just stress out yourself because they are no more a problem now. Pre-wedding shoots must be memorable for a lifetime as they are the most important in your hit list for the wedding. You must be thinking about the ideas for pre-wedding photography. Well, you must know some ideas which are totally different from others and even ket you have some fun. Don’t you think so? Definitely, you must agree to it.

4 Pre Wedding Photography Ideas

Here we will take you through a few ideas for pre-wedding photography which will make your pictures look divine.

Tag Your Pets Along

Your little furry friends are your best friends always. No matter what you feel they are always ready to accompany you. Get them in a frame with you get cute adorable postures. Let them hold some banners for you while you make a pose with your partner.

Holly Bolly Theme

Try some romantic Hollywood or Bollywood themes that can get you dramatic pictures with infinity costume options.

Invite Your Friends

Inviting your friends for your shoot can be a great idea. There can be n number of poses you can get with them.

Be Food Lovers

If you are food lovers then you can definitely have some worth poses along with eating yummy dishes. Choose your favorite cuisine and bring the creative out of yourself.

Pre Wedding Photography Bonds You Together
It is a moment to live your lifetime memories. In love marriage, you can make your moments together and rejoice them in the future. However, if you have arranged marriage then, this will definitely be a time for you to bond together and make each other feel comfortable.

Meta Description: Are you a new to-be-wed couple looking for pre-wedding photography ideas? You have landed the correct page. Click here to know more.

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Candid Photography

Candid Photography! Candid pictures! Sounds familiar ? A candid photographic style is fetching popularism in both general and formal photographic conditions. Candid photography is typically any kind that is real and in the moment. A candid visual rendering is the one, where the subject is usually unaware that a picture is being taken.

Spotting a fake smile or look, is the swiftest way to a mediocre photograph. But, a candid picture sets aside authentic emotions. What candid truly embraces are only true and genuine feelings with blissfulness . The subjects may or may not know you are there photographing them. But they are not taken out of the moment by a camera’s presence.

Candid jiffies are shots of definitive jiffies.

Candid photography emphases on spontaneity instead of technique. Pictures taken as candid moments are generally effortless photos without loads of technical equipment. Hence, they capture some pleasing ‘slices of life’!

A few tips and tricks up the sleeve can work wonders for Candid Photography …

1) Carry your camera the world over – Undoubtedly the finest way to capture spontaneous photographs is to forever be ready to do so.

2) Isolate your subject by means of shallow depth of field – the background and foreground should be blurry, keeping the subject in focus. A telephoto lens will work great as the compression will allow better isolation of the subject.

3) Photograph the listener – Amidst a group of people talking, focus more on the expressions of the people who are listening. That’s because the listeners usually tend to have more relaxed smiles.

4) Choose wisely what goes in the frame – The charm of photography is based on the photographers decision on what stays and what goes out of a frame.

5) Be your own colour creator – While a few images look best with colours, try and convert the picture to Black and White to get that superfluous punch and emotions.

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Pre-wedding photography

” A wind of love, pre-wedding is all above”. We bring you the most fascinating part of the wedding, yes it’s a pre-wedding photography. We are known for our commitments and satisfaction of clients. We believe that the wedding is one of the most happening and special moments for Bride and groom to be and it’s family. So to make it more special, pre-wedding shoots nowadays are in the rage where the couple get to know each other with a lot of memories and unforgettable experience.

Special moments with special team

The pre-wedding photoshoot is a time where the special moments captured for the lifetime and can be cherished throughout the lives. So to plan your pre-wedding, you need to hire the best team for your photoshoot. We provides you with the best capture with a comfortable atmosphere to get familiar with each other and make your special moment, a smashing one.

Concept behind this

We believe that pre-wedding is that auspicious occasion where you get candid shots with casual attire comparison to your wedding which can be a perfect frame for your wall. We can provide you with best and innovative ideas to make your day more special along with the latest technology. Don’t miss the opportunity to express your love and make your days of a wedding more special.

A pre-wedding shoot allows a couple to have twinkling moments with a relaxed environment where our team captures candid portraits with creative ideas and thoughts. Pre-wedding with us.We use to give the blueprint of your special moments in the form of pictures and videos. Your love has an impression in our pre-wedding photography with your choice and makes it a delightful moment.

How our team and a couple get known to each other

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a day we believe where a couple with the perfect location, attire and with make it a heart breathing moment where memories of your elation, love will capture in the best images which you can admire throughout lives.
Our prime consideration and goal are to understand the need of couples and then provide satisfaction to them. If pre-wedding doesn’t give you happiness, fun, enjoyment and unforgettable memories than it is of no use. And to make your day a memorable one, we will provide you with the best capture with your partner along with high equipped visualizes and high-quality pictures and video.

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Wedding is a festival celebrated once in a lifetime, hence it becomes essential to have only the best working for you. Decoration, Dresses and other preparation can go in vain, in case you don’t have the best capturing these candid moments. We at Profocus, ensure that your wedding movements are covered to the minutest of detail so that you can cherish them the same way when you celebrated it. To leave you amazed with our work, we catch your wedding through the aesthetic angles that enable us to create a memory lane storyboard between the lady of the hour and lucky man alongside their friends and family. We plan to shoot pictures that join the two families with affection and thrilling moments packed with a bit of bling and spice. Associate with us to encounter the Best Wedding Photography in Noida for your enormous day.

Recording Candid Moments

Weddings are tied in with gaining experiences and having a decent time with your affection and darlings. It is when two families are reinforced together for a lifetime. Our Candid Wedding Photographers from Prefocus make a point to catch feelings and sentiments and not simply pictures. We target archiving every single minute and displaying it you through a collection portrayed just for you.

Propelled Editing Techniques
As being the leader, in the field of wedding photography, we guarantee to clinch and recreate your best moments through incredible photographs and recordings of your big day. We understand the latest procedures that enable us to recreate moments making it look as beautiful as a blockbuster movie, with effects and detailed videos, you can re-live the magic on the wedding day, every time you play the video. This expertise is the only thing, which makes us the best amongst wedding photographers in Noida. Meet us today to experience the best moments of the finest occasion of life – Wedding.

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How to hire the best wedding photographer?
With the invention of technology, hiring services has never been more accessible. Google and Android apps play an essential role in selecting a wedding photographer.
Brides and grooms these days want “awe” factor when capturing their most memorable event of life. Candid photography, pre-wedding photography, candid video – maker are a few types of services that the photographer provide in the package.
Things to consider when hiring a wedding photographer
Hiring the best wedding photography service provider is easier said than done. In this blog, we are sharing a checklist to make your journey of capturing the most precious day of your life memorable.

Checklist for hiring a wedding photographer:
Fix a budget
The first thing you need to do is decide the amount of money you want to spend on photography.
Pick a style of photography
Candid photography is all about being spontaneous and capturing happy moments of the day. And traditional photography is staged and captures all events involved in a wedding. Deciding a style before hiring a photographer will help you get better deals.
Ask for a reference
Skim through the previous work of the photographer you want to hire. Having a general idea of the working style of a photographer will prepare you for the event.
Hire a local photographer
Always pick a local photographer. For instance, if you are getting married in or around Delhi, then hire a wedding photographer in Delhi. A local service provider will have a better knowledge of the place and customs involved in a wedding.
Prefer quality over quantity
When hiring a wedding photographer, give importance to quality over quantity. Do go overboard with the number of photos to be included in an album. A wedding album should showcase the most memorable and happy moments of your special day. If a photographer working style matches your requirement and is well within your budget, then do consider them.

Bottom Line:
Keep in mind the checklist shared in this blog while hiring a wedding photographer. And ensure you get everything in writing from a photographer including dates, fees, delivery of photos, and videos.

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I wind of love, pre wedding is all above”. We brings you the most fascinating part of wedding, yes it’s pre wedding photo shoot. We believe that wedding is one of the most happening and special moments for Bride and groom to be and it’s family. So to make it more special, pre wedding shoots now-a-day’s are in rage where couple get to know each other with lot of memories and unforgettable experience. Pre wedding photo shoot is a time where the special moments captured for the lifetime and can be cherished throughout the lives. So to plan your pre wedding, you need to hire the best team for your photo shoot. We provides you the best capture with the comfortable atmosphere to get familiar with each other and make your special moment, a smashing one.
We believe that pre wedding is that auspicious occasion where you get candid shots with casual attire comparison to your wedding which can be a perfect frame for your wall. We can provide you with best and innovation ideas to make your day more special along with the latest technology. Don’t miss the opportunity to express your love and make your days of wedding more special. A pre wedding shoot allows couple to have twinkling moments with a relaxed environment where our team capture candid portraits with the creative ideas and thoughts. Pre wedding with “aarya film team” gives you the blueprint of your special moments in form of pictures and videos. Your love has impression in our pre wedding photo shoot with your choice and make it delightful moment

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